Hotel em São Paulo - Matsubara em São Paulo


Located on the top floor of the hotel, our heated pool invites the guest to relax. A full gym also awaits you, a wide space and equipped with modern appliance and accessories for fitness. Here the watchwords are: to move, stretch and exercise yourself!

The hotel also offers dry-sauna (male and female) and offers Yoga classes with specialized professionals. Classes are held in our studio with our teacher Analú, specializing in the Iyengar Yoga method, which allows the Yoga practice to both people more physically active and people with physical restrictions, injuries, posture problems or sedentary. The values and class schedules should be consulted at the reception.

In our reception we provide you several tips from "culture & cuisine" in the city of São Paulo.


PHONE: 0800-7717101 | 11 3561-5000

Rua Cel. Oscar Porto, 836 - Paraíso - São Paulo
ZIP CODE: 04003-004