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Matsubara Hotel São Paulo is highly compromised to the well-being and health of its guests and visitors. Therefore, you can find a Yoga Studio located at the rooftop.

O ESYSP - Estúdio de Yoga São Paulo This Studio offers Yoga practices for the hotel guests as well as for regular students and employees. Besides the regular schedule program it is very well-accepted to ask for a 15min or 50min Yoga sessions for events.

Yoga practice has been continuously attested as a mean for several benefits.

Estúdio de Yoga São Paulo São Paulo

Physical Benefits

Physical Strength – the postures tone the whole body (isometry)

Resistance – increases the physical performance

Flexibility – maintain a healthy body through a correct stretching.

Posture – an upright posture without efforts.

Energy – improves the functioning of the glands whilst renewing daily disposition.

Health – a permanent state of well-being through a stable body and mind.

Estúdio de Yoga São Paulo São Paulo

Mental benefits

Concentration – the “practice” of each posture extends and increases concentration.

Estabilidade Emocional – a direct contact with the body develops positive emotions, sense of safety and calmness.

Peace – body stability, disciplined mind and fluid breathing provides a sense of confidence and peace.

Freedom – a constant practice leads to behavior freedom and negative feelings.

Regular Classes

Regular guests and students will be able to attend Yoga classes as following; It is important to emphasize that new timings can be made available according to the needs.

Seg Ter Qua Qui Sex Sáb
19:00 7:00
(Yoga para Gestantes)
(Aula avançada)

Estúdio de Yoga São Paulo são paulo
Yoga for Events

Yoga classes can be done at events, providing a better physical and mental condition for participants. These classes may be quick, during 15 mins, or longer lasting about 50 mins. The classes can start before the event takes place, in a break or at the end of the day.

ESYSP - Estúdio de Yoga São Paulo instructors are prepared to practice and meet the specific needs of each event and target-public.

Yoga exercises are done in specific breaths, stretches, relaxation, silence and focus. At the end of the sessions it is notable that participants have decreased their stress, whilst increasing concentration collaboration and receptivity. Yoga activities at the Matsubara Hotel are managed by Analu Matsubara, Graduated in Administration, Tourism and Hotel Management by the “SHA Les Roches, Switzerland”. She is also a certified teacher for Iyengar Yoga method with 16 years of experience.